Wednesday, January 27, 2010


One of Paul's vocabulary words last week was "frivolity," defined as silly or lighthearted play. I thought of that this evening as I sat ironing, folding, and sorting this jumbled pile of fabric strips into stacks by size.
It was a soothing but frivolous activity. I enjoyed seeing so many old friends and remembering our good times together, but it wasn't for any serious purpose.

There was a point, which was to get the strips ready to sew into 6 1/2" blocks. I started with a piece of interfacing cut to the right size and began sewing random strips down on the front side.

When they were all sewed, it looked pretty weird....

until I flipped it over and cut the excess off, using a 6 1/2 plastic square as my cutting guide.

Then when I turned it over I had the fun surprise of seeing how the block actually looked.

And the final step was the most surprising of all, cutting the block in half so I had two rectangles. It was so neat to see how the fabric looked at this point.

You might be thinking how industrious this all was, but really it was frivolous, since what I'll end up with is a lot of different rectangles which I'll then sew together into a border for the scrap quilt I have underway. Do I need a quilt? No. Could I have been cleaning the kitchen floor, petting the dog, or playing a game with Paul? Yes. But did I enjoy this "silly or lighthearted play"? Absolutely!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of the scrap quilt, hope you're planning on posting them!


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