Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blue and Gold Banquet Centerpieces

I was in charge of this year's local Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet, which celebrated 100 years of scouting. Since I had lots of helpers, my main job was to bring supplies for centerpieces that the boys could make right before the party, while the adults got the food on the tables and such. I raided my Mom's stash of empty boxes and she and I wrapped them in blue and gold paper so they looked like birthday presents. Then the boys used Helium tanks from Michael's to blow up blue and gold balloons which were tied to shiny blue weights set on top of the packages. They then decorated the packages with pictures of the scout logo and a "100th birthday cake," all of which I found online and printed. There were also gold and blue paper stars (which I cut out using the school's fast shape cutter) and gold pipe cleaners that could be curled into festive squiggles and topped with a star or picture.

It worked out very well. The boys loved blowing up the balloons and decorating the boxes however they wanted, the tables looked very festive, and every child got to take a balloon home.

All the families brought lots of good food, it seemed like everyone had a good time, and I even got to talk to some interesting people I hadn't met before, so that's all good. It's the one thing I do for Paul's scouting program each year, and now I'm done!

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