Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love is a Verb

We fled the snow a few days ago and headed down to Williamsburg to enjoy the indoor waterpark and MagiQuest game at the Great Wolf Lodge. It was fun, but as is so often true with these kinds of things, it was much more fun for Paul than for me. I like the wild water rides, but Paul loves them. I've always just endured the whole MagiQuest experience, but Paul loves it. He was especially happy this time to become a Senior Magi and be listed on the day's scoreboard as a high player. I got myself a wand and played, but honestly, I think I enjoyed waving the pretty ribbon on the wand much more than actually playing the game. Like all parents, I enjoy seeing my child having fun and becoming accomplished at something. It's just love in action.

On the way home we stopped at the the nursing facility where Paul's Granny is now living. She was having a good day and taught Paul how to play Solitaire. Paul already knew how to play Solitaire, but he didn't mind being taught again. I feel pretty sure that as much as he likes his Granny, Paul would just as soon have gone on home to see his animals and catch up on the TV he had missed. But he patiently and willingly played with Granny, thereby putting his love into action.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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