Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Historic Day

We were part of history today as the storm pushed the season's total snowfall past previous records AND the Federal government announced that it will again be closed tomorrow, for a record setting fourth day in a row. Outside we've had blizzard conditions for the past twenty-four hours. It was so windy and unpleasant that we ventured out only once to clear the walk and feed the birds as best we could.

Inside, however, everything was warm and pleasant. I don't think any of us had cabin fever, and we enjoyed our time together. We remembered that just a year ago our kitchen was torn apart for the big rehab and looked like this:

It would have been very unpleasant to have been snowbound under those conditions!

Not only were able to enjoy our wonderful new kitchen, but we all also enjoyed our freshly painted and decluttered (well, less cluttered) living room. As I write this the noise of the wind is a background to the crackling of the fire, a contrast which is quite soothing. Do you spot the flashlight on the mantel? We're not quite out of the woods yet, and are ready in case the power goes out!

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