Friday, February 26, 2010

Make way for the Book Fair

My school library is being taken over for the Scholastic Book Fair which runs all next week. When I left late this afternoon, order was beginning to emerge from the chaos of display racks, sales supplies, and advertisements. It was an exciting transformation.

Parent volunteers work with Scholastic to run the fair as a fund raising activity and also a way to promote reading. Besides giving the space, I have few responsibilities. I have just enough room left in my work area to get to my computer, plan to work on the graduation slide show from home, and will take some vacation time. When I'm at school I'll be in a great position to check out what Scholastic is selling and what the kids are buying. And, as a plus, the parents and Scholastic staff are as nice and hard working as they could be. Still, it will be a challenge to work around the fair and to pull the library back together when it's over.

Fetcher has just come up to nestle in behind the computer screen as if to say "What? Why worry? Just chill." He makes me laugh, with his paws sticking out like that!

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