Sunday, February 28, 2010

Living Room Redecorating: The Next Step

Ten years ago we bought this cart as a sturdy but low cost "entertainment center." Back then it just held the TV, the stereo tuner, and the VCR and looked fairly neat, if not elegant. Over the years we added the DVD player, a Gamecube, and, finally, a Wii and it's accessories. The resulting jumble of wires and components became an eyesore, to say the least. As we thought about buying a bigger, flat-screen TV, we also thought of how to better handle all the TV-related mess.

Yesterday our new TV cabinet arrived, and to say we're delighted is an understatement. Handmade of natural cherry by the local Hardwood Artisans, it is designed especially as a TV console, with shelves behind glass doors for all the various components and all the wiring behind the cabinet, out of sight. It has six drawers perfectly sized to hold DVDs, Videos, and game accessories. The slightly curved lines and the beautiful light wood are both nice complements to the darker Mission style tables we already have in the living room.

Getting all those DVDs off the bookshelves freed up quite a bit of space, so I took a few minutes to rearrange some of the shelves. I tried to follow the idea of putting something in the center of each shelf and keeping the heavier books near the bottom, which I learned when a decorator rearranged my Mom's bookshelves the other day. It's so nice to have some visual space instead of crammed shelves!

The nice men who delivered the console were willing to take away our old sofa bed for a reasonable fee. Our new love seat isn't arriving for another three or four weeks, but we were happy to see the old sofa go. Its ten years of hard use had left it in bad shape. Still, I felt a twinge of nostalgia as I saw it leave, remembering how we sat there so often with baby Paul, how my nephew and his wife had slept on it the summer he interned here in DC, all the times my friend, Janice, slept on it when she came to visit, and how Paul's chums, Bryan and Robbie, especially loved to sleep on it with Paul while they watched movies during their many sleepovers.
That old sofa has seen a lot of good times.

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