Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Report from the Big Storm

Just as the sun was setting last night the deer came out to raid the bird feeder. I had seen their hoof prints around the feeder, but had never actually seen them eating there, so it was a treat to spot them. At this point there was only about five inches of snow, but they must have known "the big one" was coming because they stayed at the feeder for quite a while.

Paul woke us this morning quite excited by all the snow. There was a lot! I measured it as 16" in some places and 20" in other places. It was heavy and dense, quite different from our last snow. (I'm beginning to understand why the Eskimos have so many words for "snow.") Although it was windy and cold and still snowing, we managed to shovel the walk so Serge could get out, and Paul had a good time playing outside.

According to the weatherman, there's a blizzard warning for the whole day and we could get up to nine more inches. For now, anyway, we're cozy and warm all together here at home.

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