Sunday, February 7, 2010

Storm Report, Day Three

We've been painting! After a false start with an orange that just wasn't right, we're using this chili color, and I just love it. I'm hoping to get the area around the sofa, TV, and fireplace finished today so we can relax in front of a fire tonight.

Before I started painting again, I took a little walk. It was a beautiful day, bright and sunny and no wind to make it seem cold, though the weatherman said it was about 30 degrees. I walked down the steps to the circular drive, where I found Ben shoveling....

and Paul digging a fort.

Then I headed down the path we had cleared yesterday...
... and out to the driveway which we share with our neighbor. Neither of us had gotten in or out yet, so there were just the tracks of where his kids had walked yesterday down to the street. Our cars are parked on the driveway and are not only snow covered, but snowed in.
I just stood there for a while enjoying the silence and the beauty. Then I realized that no cars were going up and down our street. This little lane is actually a very busy commuter road since it serves as a shortcut between two major highways, and usually I would see car after car whizzing up and down it. But today I didn't see a single car in the five or so minutes I stood watching. This lack of activity unnerved me and I turned and headed back to our cozy house.

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