Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We got a surprise in the mail today. When we paid off the mortgage last fall, Chase Mortgage told us they would pay this year's county taxes before sending us the remaining escrow. They didn't. They also didn't forward any of the tax notices they must have received. When the county finally got in touch with us it was to let us know that we were delinquent. If we didn't pay very soon, they'd get their money by selling our house!

Seeing those scary threats, I felt like a bit like Scarlet O'Hara upon hearing she had to pay the taxes on Tara --panicked.

Then I remembered that we had the money. All we had to do was get the money to the county offices, and Ben is going to take care of that tomorrow. Once I realized that this was a problem that money could solve, I felt so much better.

In our household we categorize problems by those that can be solved with money and those that can't. Money problems can be tough, and were when we were much younger. But once you have enough money to handle the emergencies that pop up, it's the other problems, the ones that can't be solved by money that are so vexing. Physical and mental illness, loneliness, work problems, addictions -- the list goes on. Money can ease the pain they cause, but can't make the underlying problem itself go away. Sad but true. Some problems you just live with and do the best you can.

So I'm always grateful when a problem can be solved by money and usually pay happily. I only wish it were as easy to make those other problems go away.

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