Saturday, April 10, 2010

Land of the Lotus Eaters

We are back from several days on the Gulf Coast of Florida where we visited Ben's Dad, who spends seven months of the year there. We had a great time, enjoying the warmth of both the sun and the hospitality of Ben's father and his wife.

We slept late every morning, had a leisurely breakfast, went out for a few hours, came home to rest or visit or read out on the lanai while the breezes blew gently, rustling the palm leaves. Then we'd go out to dinner and were in bed by about 10:00. It was so restful and relaxing; even Paul got into the relaxed spirit of the place, sleeping in and hanging out with Dolly, the resident dog. We were in the Land of the Lotus Eaters, and it was a good thing we had a flight to catch after three days or we might still be there, doing cross word puzzles and watching the clouds drift by in the blue, blue sky.

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