Sunday, April 25, 2010


Although rain had been predicted, the sun was out yesterday when we woke up. We seized the moment and pressure-washed the two porches. What a job! The three of us moved all furniture off the porches and Paul and I did the washing. It was hard work but very satisfying. I don't think we ever got around to washing the porches last year and we really needed to get rid of all the pollen and dirt before we could enjoy sitting outside this year. We also had a lot of old toys and junk on the porches which we got rid of yesterday. So it was a good feeling when we moved all the furniture back up onto the decluttered and clean areas.

No sooner did we do that than Ben's brother, John, arrived to help Ben fix our non-working Dell computer. After some investigation and a trip to a used computer store, the guys figured out that the computer was fine but the screen had died. They bought a refurbished screen and got everything up and working again. Meanwhile, I supervised four boys as they played together. In addition to Paul, there were John's two sons and Paul's friend, Evan.

After a while we walked to the nearby playground and pond. I do love having this pond so close by. It's such a great place for kids to throw rocks, find sticks, try to catch frogs, and otherwise be a kid. And you never know what you'll see there. Yesterday we noticed a watchful goose keeping a wary eye on us as we hiked around the pond. When we were on the far side the boys spotted a goose sitting on a nest. We all sat down to watch her for a while. The guarding goose, presumably the Daddy, let us sit and watch but snapped his beak in warning if the boys got too close to the nest.

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