Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Here!

After four months of waiting, our new sofa finally arrived today! I ordered it the end of December, we got rid of our old sofa in February, and we've been living with one hard chair and one soft chair in the living room ever since. I've had some worries since the sofa I saw in the show room was full-sized and covered in fabric, and the one I ordered was a love seat covered in leather. In addition, the sofa was custom made in a factory in China, so I had to wonder about the quality even though it was from Thomasville.

Well, it arrived in perfect condition and is as wonderful as I had hoped. It fits into our redecorated living room like it was just meant to be there, looking quite sophisticated while being very comfortable to sit in and lounge in. I couldn't be happier. As for quality, well, as Ben says, "Ask me in eight years," but we're off to a good start.

Here's the view of the living room looking over the new sofa towards the TV, showing how the we've finally found just the right place for the "too big" leather chair we bought ten years ago when Paul was just born. Over the years I've come close to selling off this big chair, but we're all loving it now.

I've been quite interested in the fact that our new sofa was made in China. The saleslady made a big point of telling me that she had been to China to see the factory and that she was very impressed by the high standards of workmanship. I'm very impressed by the fact that it is cheaper for a company to have a sofa made in China and then ship it all the way to America so it can end up in my house. What a journey! I wonder if it came across the Pacific Ocean by way of Hawaii and then was trucked across the USA, or if it came around Africa and up the Atlantic Ocean into Baltimore.

In either case, what was once a dream of explorers is now an every day journey for furniture. It's pretty amazing.

To celebrate, Ben and I had dinner on the porch. I made this Latin Chicken in the crock pot and it was really good. I left out the sweet potatoes, garlic and cilantro, used roasted red pepper instead of fresh, and used Paul Newman's Tequila and Lime Salsa. The reviews said it was a forgiving recipe and it was. Even with these changes, it was very good.

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