Friday, April 2, 2010

Through a Boy's Eye

Since becoming a mother, I've often thought of the famous quote by William Butler Yeats:"There is another world but it is in this one."

Certainly my young boy lives in a different world than I, even though we are in the same place.

Where I see a garden hose, he sees a big snake that ensnares him and holds him captive.

Where I see nest of bees under the porch that need to be sprayed, he sees potential occupants of his bug habitat.

And where I see the side of the house, he sees a firing range.

Sometimes I find this difference in how we view things a bit exasperating, especially when I'm in a hurry and would like him to be more grown up. But most days, like today, I just enjoy it and remind myself that he'll be grown up soon enough.

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