Sunday, April 18, 2010

What I'm Loving Right Now: Netflix on Our TV

I'm a big Netflix fan and was really excited a while back when Netflix started offering "Instant" viewing. That cool upgrade let you view many Netflix offerings on your computer, using Internet streaming instead of DVDs, so you could view something right away without waiting for a DVD to come in the mail. I tried it and was really pleased with the smooth delivery of the image and the fact that there were no commercials. I especially liked it for watching TV shows like The Office, but since our IMAC is at a desk it isn't an especially comfy setting for sitting through a full length movie or watching with Ben or Paul. We had thought about getting cable to link the computer and TV, and the Apple folks had recommended a ROKU box to connect the IMAC and TV. Luckily we hadn't done anything yet because Netflix has solved our problem.

The other day we got an email from Netflix offering us a free disc that would link our computer to our TV via our Wii. We got it and the instructions were pretty simple:

Of course the actual installation was a bit more complicated, requiring us to reprogram our router to be wireless, but once we found the router password and made that change, it was smooth sailing and we had the thrill of seeing the Netflix logo on our TV screen.

Ben and I celebrated by sitting down together to watch the first episode of the TV show Everest: Beyond the Limit, which we both enjoyed. Within a few hours Paul and his friend were watching Inspector Gadget.

I've never enjoyed cable TV, but I have a feeling the Netflix on TV is going to be a big hit around here. Good thing our new sofa is finally being delivered next week!

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  1. Hey Love,

    Make that "once we remembered the router password... heh heh...



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