Sunday, May 23, 2010

It rained hard most of last night and a soft rain is promised for today, but yesterday it was absolutely beautiful. Sunny, with a light breeze and low humidity, Ben away rock climbing, and nothing on the calendar for me and Paul, it was a perfect day to finish the pond. We went to a place that specializes in water gardens.

Paul and I loved their pond, complete with a waterfall, weeping willow, and beautiful water lilies.

We both fell in love with the Koi and decided that someday we'd have to have a bigger pond so we could have bigger fish.

We also both loved this blue glazed strawberry pot.

At $90 it was much less expensive than getting a big pond and big fish, but it was still too much for my pocketbook at the moment. Instead, I bought the most expensive plant I can remember buying in quite a while, a $40 water lily.

Having come back to reality, we picked out our fish and amused ourselves by watching them run from the sales girl with her net. They kept her busy for a while, but she finally won the race and bagged them up for us.

When we got home we introduced the three fish to their little pond, and they seemed quite happy.

As I was gardening later in the day, I found a toad which Paul caught. He spent some time "teaching" it about the places in the rocks around the pond where a toad would want to live before he let it go right near the pond. With any luck the toad might be living in the rocks now, so we'd have plants, fish, and a toad in our little pond habitat.

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