Friday, May 21, 2010

While I've Been Busy

This time of year is so busy for me at school. The regular work of the library continues while I also finish up the achievement test work, make a movie for the 8th grade graduation, help with the 8th grade memory book, call in all the library's book from the students, deal with the subsequent overflow on the shelves, and handle the unpleasant job of settling accounts for lost books, and do promotions for the school's summer reading program. It's a frantic couple of weeks.

In between all that, though, there are a few soothing moments when I've been forced by Mother Nature to stop and look at what she's been busy doing. The first ripened strawberry in Paul's patch, a glimpse of the first big butterfly to flit by this season, the beautiful half moon we had last night; they all make me stop in admiration, if only for a second, before my mind and body races back to the end-of-the-year school tasks.

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