Sunday, May 2, 2010


Detail of the roof of an Indian home at the Powhatan village in Jamestown, Virginia.

Detail of the roof of the church at Jamestown, Virginia.

My sister, Jean, and I went down to Williamsburg, Virginia, on Friday to see the settlement of Jamestown. Every time we've been in the Williamsburg area to go to the Great Wolf Lodge I've wanted to see Jamestown, but it just didn't work out. So since Jean and I were both interested we made this the focus of our spring get-away. We enjoyed seeing the reconstructed settlement, and also enjoyed visiting with each other, relaxing, and outlet shopping.

It was very hot, in the low 90's, and although it was the winter months that brought the "starving time" to Jamestown, it must have been brutal to do all the hard work of settling a new land in the muggy, buggy, heat of the Virginia summers. After visiting such places I always leave with a renewed appreciation for modern air conditioning and medicine.

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