Monday, May 17, 2010

Rites of Passage

Paul's cousin, Johnny, was over with his family for a visit this weekend. As usual, he wanted to swing on Paul's swing, but, as usual, he couldn't get it to swing high the way that Paul does. The trick, you see, is to stand on the top step of the porch stairs with the swing seat positioned under your bottom, and launch yourself off, pulling yourself up with the swing ropes so you can hop up onto the seat as you propel off.

It is quite the trick, and one which rightfully separates the "little boys" from the "big boys." Johnny naturally wanted to be included in the latter group, but had been frustrated in perfecting the swing trick. But on this Sunday, with a bit of encouragement from his parents and aunt and uncle, he kept at it and finally there he was, up in the air! What a moment!

Later this new member of the tribe of big boys was coached in another good trick, the art of battling Pokemon on a DS.

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