Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Update on the Pond

We've finished fiddling around with the edging blocks around the pond, mulched the surrounding ground, and planted several additional pots of flowers and herbs nearby. The little potted plant near the fountain should shoot up to about and foot or two high and have big pink blooms all summer, and the nursery where we bought it promises to have a miniature water lily for us this weekend, which we'll add. Once Paul's tadpoles have grown into frogs we'll move those surface-growing plants over to this pool and our planting will be complete.

We are still debating about adding one or two small fish; the pond expert at the nursery said the water might get too hot in the summertime. But if we add some stones or bricks with holes in them, the fish may have cool hiding places from the sun and be okay. But then there's Fetcher, who is quite fascinated by the fish in the tanks in the house and is kept from attacking them only by the lids on the tops of the tanks, so that's a consideration as well. Well, we'll see what we decide when the warmer weather returns. Right now it's turned cold again outside, so it's not a good time to add fish.

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