Sunday, June 6, 2010


It was hot and muggy all morning, not the best time to plant flowers and rip out the vines that threaten to overtake the bushes, but I was in the mood to get that work done, so that's what I did, despite the heat. I tore out mint, cut out grapevines, took two loads of cleared brush out to the woods, and finally got the last of the plants that I bought over Memorial Day into the ground. Then I took a cool shower to clean up and relaxed with the newspaper out on the porch while I watched the afternoon thunderstorms start to form up.

Paul and his friends wanted to go to the pool, so we went but had barely got settled in when the lifeguards heard thunder and cleared the water. As we drove home we saw amazing lightning strikes and as soon as we got in the house it began to pour. When the storm lifted, the air was cool and soft.

Later, Paul and I had fun playing with a new application on the IPad called IFish. It allows you to make your own pond, complete with dragonflies and jumping frogs, and then go fishing in it. It was a gentle game to play as the night began to close in on us.

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