Friday, June 4, 2010

Finishing with Honor

Pau joined the Cub Scouts in first grade and enjoyed it. As the years have gone by, however, his feelings have become more mixed. He likes the fun activities like picnics and just goofing around with the other kids, but doesn't like earning pins and belt loops. Scouts too often seemed like an extension of school, and after a day of school he was done and ready for a different kind of experience.

Each year he wavered; should he rejoin or not? Ben and I are neutral on the issue except to say that if he rejoins we expect him to participate; after all "The Scout makes the Pack go!" This past year he didn't rejoin until October, and then dragged his feet about going to most of the meetings, usually going only because we reminded him the commitment he had made.

So I was proud of him tonight at the last Pack meeting of the year, where he crossed the bridge into Webelos II, and stood up to greet the younger Scouts as they crosssed over into the higher levels of Scouting. He had fulfilled his promise to the Den and Pack and ended the year with honor. Even if he never goes to Scouts again, he has learned something important.

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