Wednesday, August 3, 2011

High Emotions

I spent four wonderful days in Boston with my sister, Jean, and our high school friend, Janice, who lives in Utah. Details and photos to come. Meanwhile, I had to share this photo of the ironic slogan on an Air Tran monitor I spotted last night as we waited in a long line of other desperate travelers after our 5:30 flight was delayed due to storms in Baltimore. Contrary to this slogan, there was plenty to stop us. We had been told that that our plane was canceled due to these storms and spent a harried and frustrating few hours trying to reschedule our flight, only to find out that it was just delayed and was leaving after all. With no thanks to Air Tran, which gave us only incorrect information, we managed to get on our plane five hours after it was due to leave and finally arrive home.

Jean and I really needed to get home since we were moving our mother to an assisted living place today. That went well, though we are all (including my mother) now worn out from the work and emotions of the day.

I think when I go to visit her tomorrow I may just ease into one of these welcoming chairs and relax for a while. Looks tempting, doesn't it?

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