Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finishing the Patio

The guys from Knee Deep Ponds came and finished laying the new patio yesterday. They did a great job of designing the screen to hide the oil tank and garbage/recycle cans. I love how it's two levels instead of one long span and also how they topped it with a rail to match the deck; so useful for setting things on.

In the "you don't see this every day" category, while we had Ben's brother's trailer this weekend we picked up twenty-five bags of mulch at Home Depot. It was pretty interesting to see how all that mulch was moved around.

Last night Paul fell into the pond by accident, slipping on the top of the skimmer and into the pool with a huge splash that scared all of us half to death, including the fish. Now that I know he's all right, I wish I had a picture of his face when he first surfaced! He didn't know what had hit him.

I'm heading off to Boston for a few days with my sister and our friend, Janice, for our yearly "girl's get-away." Should be fun!

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