Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday Fun

Yesterday was gloomy and cold, with rain off and on all day. Despite the gray weather, we had a fun day. In the morning Paul and I went to the school's Homecoming. I helped paint faces, visited with teachers and parents, and enjoyed wearing boots for the first time this season. Paul bounced in the moon bounce, had lunch with some friends, and had his face painted with musical notes, complete with accents.

Ben's father is in town this weekend, which is always a treat. We went to dinner at Les Folies, a french restaurant in Annapolis, where we had a "Tower of Seafood."

The waiter instructed us to eat the lower layer-- oysters -- first and then wait for him to come and remove it. When he did that, he removed the top layer with the lobster and took it back to the kitchen. We ate the second layer -- soft shell crabs, shrimp, mussels, and clams -- and then the lobster was served to us on small plates with a lettuce salad and a luscious little salad of peas, beans, and mayonnaise. It was so good. After that great start to the meal we all had our entrees. Mine was Dover Sole Meuniere with a few sweet and crunchy cooked carrots and scalloped potatoes.

As good as the food was, the real treat of the evening was enjoying the company of Ben's family.

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