Monday, May 7, 2012

Six reasons why I enjoyed this weekend

1. Paul won second place in "Forms" for his group at the karate tournament! He competed against two blue belts, making his win especially exciting.

2. I have a new great-niece! Lindsey Rice Law was born on Saturday after only an hour and a half of labor. What a nice way to come into the world.

3. We celebrated John and Dawn's twelfth wedding anniversary. It was sure nice of Ben's brother to marry such a wonderful person and bring her into the family.

4. Hundred of little tadpoles were spotted in the pond. About seventy of these little guys were captured and transferred to a tank to be raised and tamed by Paul and his cousins.

5. Paul and his flute teacher, the fabulous Mrs. D., played "The Last Rose of Summer" together during Paul's lesson. Oh, it was sweet to hear.

6. We grilled for the first time this season. I had forgotten how good charcoal grilled steaks are. And what fun it is to grill on the new patio with the festive lights that Ben put up a few weeks ago.

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