Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Haircut

He wanted a mohawk but wasn't sure he'd want to style it everyday, so the nice hairdresser gave him a cut that could go either way, up or flat.  

He wanted green hair that wouldn't wash out, but the nice hairdresser explained that sooner or later all color comes out, that green requires bleaching a strip white before dying it, that it looks really nasty as it fades, and that if he doesn't gel it up into shape it'll just look like a green stripe.  

So she advised trying a copper colored powder that you could just rub into your hair.  If he really likes the color, she'll dye the ends of his hair copper, no bleach required. 

End result?  Happy Paul and relieved mother.  Thank you, nice hairdresser!

We'll see if he actually gels it up into place each day.  I kind of hope he does. I think he looks handsome. 

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