Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another June, Another Milkshake

Paul has been having so much fun with my great-niece, Katy, who is here from Idaho for National History Day.

The other night I asked Paul to put fertilizer pellets in the roots of the pond plants, a wet job that I knew he would like. Katy enjoyed seeing Paul in the pond so much that she eventually joined him for a fun little dip.

Yesterday we went downtown to check out the exhibits at the National Museum of American History. 

The kids took a "ride" on the Chicago El (can you spot the statue?).....

....and also on a simulated bobsled ride (you can see they were terrified to get on it!)

Later, we headed up to Ted's Bulletin, home of the famous milkshakes that Katy and her family had enjoyed during their visit here last year. 


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  1. Hi Katy and Paul, I am glad you are both having so much fun! Thanks for sharing the fun photos with us, Mary!


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