Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Hot One

It's going to be hot today with an expected temperature of 100 degrees and enough humidity to feel like 105.  So it's soothing to start the morning out by the pond, having coffee with Ben before he goes downtown to work.  

I absolutely love using my new laptop by the pond, on the deck, the screened porch, the patio.....really anywhere I feel like using it.  What a luxury. 

While most of our garden has suffered from lack of water, the pond plants are doing well since this isn't a problem for them.  This is the pretty bloom from the Pickerel, one of the original pond plants from last year's installation.  When I googled it for the correct spelling I found that it's actually called "Pickerelweed."   I guess if it's a weed I'd better watch it lest it take over the pond; right now, though, it's growing nicely along with the other plants. 

This is the Elephant Ear plant I showed details of a few days ago. It's not in the water, but is easy to water since the hose and the pond are both so handy.  We have a little bucket that we use to scoop up water out of the pond into the potted plants; so easy.

I guess the heat and the junglely feel of deep summer in Maryland has me thinking of low maintenance, simple plants and gardening.  Mowing our big field is more relaxing than work --I did that yesterday and it was good-- but watering and whacking back vines is constant unpleasant work which I'd like to reduce as much as possible.  

I've done a lot of clearing in the circle garden and now Ben and I are considering getting rid of half of this wisteria and the pergola it's been climbing on for the past twenty-five years.  It is not a good neighbor plant, as it always is trying to take over the entire garden.   Maybe we'll tackle it this weekend, when good weather is predicted.  

Meanwhile, we have a hot day ahead, which means indoor work and play and maybe the pool.  After three weeks of having Bryan with him and then the excitement of his birthday, Paul is going through "friend withdrawal," and wants to just hang around doing nothing or invite everyone over to play. 

I kind of feel the same way, except that my "hanging around" comes in the form of reading and is punctuated with periods of work in the house.  

I have a great book going, Bruno, Chief of Police by Martin Walker,  It's set in a small town near Sarlat, France, where we just visited, which makes it such fun. 

Oh, the lazy days of summer.

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  1. I am reading A Crowded Grave, the newest Bruno novel, right now. I am enjoying it! :)



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