Sunday, July 29, 2012

Goodbye, My Little Honey Bunny!

We just put Paul on the bus to Karate camp down in Front Royal, Virginia, for the week.

This is the first time he's been away for more than a night except when he's been at Bryan and Robbie's house up in Pennsylvania under the watchful eye of Miss Margi.   I kept thinking that he'd get nervous and we'd have to coax him to go.

But nope.  He just picked up all his bags, told us not to embarrass him by hugging him, and climbed on the bus, off to have a great week of karate, games, swimming, and other fun.

I have my own fun week planned, including spending time with Ben, seeing friends, getting some major organizing work done around the house, and just relaxing before we head to Colorado next weekend.   It'll be a nice change to have some time to myself. 

Still, I know I'll worry a bit.  What the boy will eat all week I have no idea.  And I can only hope that he flosses around his braces and takes a shower at least once. 

But these things are out of my hands for now, so I'm off to read the Sunday paper without interruptions, then get ready to have a great evening with Ben, and try not to miss my little honey bunny too much. 

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