Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Good Morning, Baltimore!

     Ben and I have spent the past two nights in Baltimore, joining many other refugees from the wide-spread power outages in our area.   We've been back home or out doing errands during the day, returning to our hotel at night to enjoy the wonderful air conditioning while we sleep.   But we're enjoying more than that, since our hotel (obtained through free points on our credit card) is just a couple blocks off the Inner Harbor.  It's been fun to be in this fun area, enjoying the waterfront with its electric boats (I love electric boats!) and its great restaurants.

     The power company estimated that our power would be back on yesterday evening, but then decided that July 4th was more like it.  This means we will leave for France with no power in our house, making the work of getting ready to go more challenging.  We've got the generator hooked up to maintain power to the pumps in the fish tanks, the pond, and Spikey's heat pads, and the house is snaked with big extension cords.   We need to do some wash before we leave and still haven't packed Paul up.  Not to mention that the house sitter will have to cope with more than he bargained for.  Oh, well, it will all work out.  It's hard to get too distressed about the upheaval when I'm sleeping on the heavenly Hilton hotel bedding and eating at yummy waterfront seafood places at night. 

     As we drive home and to our errands we see lots of trees and branches down.   The wind just ripped through our area Friday night and the evidence of its strength is everywhere.  This is a news photo, not mine. 

     We are looking forward to seeing Paul later today and watching his friend, Bryan play baseball.   I guess it will be hot; the predictions are for another 100 degree day.

Meanwhile, in Paris it's only 72 degrees.  Let's go!

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