Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On Our Way

 When we got home from Baltimore yesterday we still didn't have power, though the generator was still running so the fish and Spikey were okay.   I was a bit unhappy about going away on vacation leaving the house without power, to say the least, and we hadn't been able to reach our house sitter.

But we gamely went about packing up and getting ready.  Since the house was dark and hot, we worked outside as much as possible.

Do you believe that good begets good?   I wonder.  I left the house to get my hair trimmed and I did a good deed for someone while I was out.  Within an hour of my returning to the house the electricity came on.   We were so excited that we immediately cancelled our plans to spend the night in Pennsylvania and instead arranged to meet Paul and his friend the next day (which is now today).  To  celebrate, we went out to dinner at our favorite French restaurant, where they already had decorations up for Bastille Day.

This morning our house sitter dropped by to check in with us since his cell phone coverage had been disrupted by the storm, and seeing him was a huge relief.   Everything was falling into place now.  We drove up to Pennsylvania to pick up the boys, stopped in at Ben's brother's house in Virginia, and are now at Dulles Airport serenely waiting for our flight.

The boys enjoyed the train ride out to the gate.

Although our flight appears not to be very full, many of the folks waiting here had nifty travel pillows, so we decided to buy some as well.  Ah, bliss.  We may just  be able to sleep on this night flight after all.  

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