Thursday, July 5, 2012

Off to a Good Start

Our flight was more lively than I expected.  We took off about 10:30 and instead of dimming the light right away so we could all sleep Air France served us a good dinner and we all stayed up a while.  Finally most everyone dozed off, though I couldn't so I re-read Catching Fire on my Kindle, occasionally walking around to stretch my legs.   Given that I got no sleep and everyone else got only about four hours of sleep, we did a great job of getting out of the airport and finding our apartment.  After checking it out and pronouncing it "bon" we went out in search of food.  Oh, my, we have landed in food heaven.  It didn't take long before the adults had their first glasses of French wine and the children had their first scoops of French ice cream and everyone was happy.  Then a quick walk back to the apartment for long naps.

After a few hours Ben and I awoke and went out to explore our neighborhood, leaving the boys to sleep for another hour or so.  We were delighted to find that we had a great location, being just two blocks from the Metro at the Place de L'Ecole Militaire and a quick walk from both the Eifel Tower and the Seine River.  After walking back to check in with the boys --who groggily told us they still wanted to sleep-- Ben and I went out to dinner at a nearby cafe that had caught our attention on our walk.   Oh my, the food is so good, just as everyone promised me.  The boys missed a good dinner, though they seemed quite content with the Frosted Flakes, milk, and fruit we had picked up from the nearby markets this morning and which they had for a snack after we got back.  

Our time is all mixed up, but I quess we'll get straightened out tomorrow.  Now I'm off to bed, having had a wonderful first day in France. 

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