Thursday, August 2, 2012

Camera Talk

We've been getting more serious about photography lately.

Ben has a new camera, a Nikon D800, an SLR where you have to put a lens on in order to even get started on taking a picture, and then have to think about light and focal point and other matters before clicking the button to capture an image.  All that thinking has got me thinking more about how my Canon S100, an excellent camera in its own right, works.   I've been taking great photos with it as just a "point and shoot" camera, but apparently it could be doing so much more if only I'd take the time to learn all its features.  As a step forward I found the 130 page manual and at least know where it is now!

Ben took this photo of last night's full moon with his new Nikon.  I really like the contrast of the dark tree line against the dusky blue sky with just the soft impression of the moon.

Here's a neat portrait of Paul that Ben took with his Nikon using a "portrait" lens that softens the background behind the portrait.  I like this look a lot. 

For my birthday next week Ben got me a really nice tripod, another step I'd been wanting to take on the "better photography" path.  I've never used a tripod and all my cameras (here and at school) have image stabilization which certainly helps, but I've read over and over again that using a tripod will greatly improve the quality of your photos.  

Here's one I took with the tripod showing Fetcher playing in the box the tripod came in.  I quite like it, and I suppose the tripod helped get it so sharp. 

Later today I'm picking up Ben at work to spend a leisurely afternoon and evening in the Virginia countryside before we pick Paul up from camp tomorrow.  I'm taking my camera manual with me with the goal of trying out a couple of settings besides "auto."  

All this learning is hard work, but I'm going to try the "swiss cheese" approach of learning just one small thing in a short block of time.  I used to do this with quilting and it ought to work with photography as well.  Inch by inch...or, I guess it's "hole by hole." 

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