Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Clearing Out

Don't these storage shelves look neat and organized? Getting the basement cleared out has been on my summer "to do" list.  The shelves were so crowded that boxes and bags were ending up in the walkways, and there was lots of dirt all over, apparently knocked free of our cinder block and earth foundation in the earthquake of last fall.  With just three more days before school starts for me, it was now or never for getting the mess under control.

So while Paul was at golf camp and then at a friend's house, I gathered up a carload of "good-but-not-needed-by-us" stuff and took it off to our local charity.  I bagged up about an equal amount of "not- good-anymore" stuff and set it out for the trash pickup.  Then I swept all the shelves and spread the remaining things out so we could more easily find them when we want them.

I was really happy to get all the paper products for our backyard picnics organized and to find a special shelf just for surplus school supplies.

It was hard and dirty work, but very satisfying.   Just when I was thinking of how to reward myself a friend called and invited me and Paul to the beach Friday!  That will be a nice change and a great end to the summer.

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