Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Last Days of Summer

 We've been enjoying these last days of summer. 

 I went to Ocean City, where I saw my friends' new beach house, sat in a beach chair and read and chatted, and swam in the ocean.  It was quite relaxing.

Paul finished up golf camp. 

And he and his friend, Tommy, got Paul's new rock tumbler working.  Since they didn't have enough fancy rocks to put in the tumbler, they smashed up some rocks they found outside to add as filler.   It was only later that I realized that they might have smashed the flagstone! But they didn't.

The rock tumbler was a gift of Paul's grandmother, Mary Ann, from his birth family, who came for a great visit one evening when she was out this way on business.  We all enjoyed seeing her again.

I've been making waffles every morning, as they are now Paul's favorite breakfast food.  He has chocolate chip waffles while Ben and I have plain ones, but they are all really good.

We've had some much-needed rain, which has made our flowers brighten up.  I love these pretty lavender petunias that my friend, Lorraine, is growing.  

Tomorrow is my first day back to work at school.  I'm excited about seeing the kids again and have lots of ideas for the new year, but it's always sad to see the summer come to an end. 

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