Monday, September 17, 2012

A Visit to the Cemetery

My mother died a year ago today.  I've been quite sad this last week, thinking over the events that led up to her death.  Yesterday my sister Jean and I went to the cemetery to put flowers on my Mom and Dad's grave.  

Something about being there released the sad pressure that had been building up in me.  I went off to my golf lesson and enjoyed a dinner at home with  Ben and Paul and a friend, slept well and now feel happy about tackling the new week.   

An odd thing had happened at the cemetery.  Most of the stones in the area that my parents are buried in were askew, many looking like they had popped out of the ground.  We tried to lift one and found that it was very heavy, so whatever had moved them was very powerful.   I had an image of all the bodies rising up and leaving their graves, smoothing the earth behind them, with the misplaced stones the  only sign that something unusual had taken place.  

When we went to the cemetery office, however, we found some written information saying that the graves were being relandscaped and that the stones would be carefully removed and later put back in place.  I liked my image better!

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