Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Signs of Autumn: Mating Wheel Bugs

When I went out to the deck to gather up the tablecloth we had used at yesterday' picnic supper, I found these two creatures latched onto each other and slowly crawling across the table.

I had never seen this type of insect before and found their spiked bodies and long, red antenna quite amazing.  Paul thought they were stinkbugs, but a search around Google revealed that they are Wheel Bugs, a type of insect considered beneficial in the garden since they eat Japanese Beetles and other bugs that are considered pests.  

I also read that they mate in autumn and realized that there was no denying that summer is truly ending.  As much as I look forward to colder, crisp (i.e., non-humid) weather, it never seems that the carefree days of summer last long enough.

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