Friday, October 19, 2012

A Jump Start on the Weekend

We're out of school today so we slept in just a bit and have had a more leisurely morning than most Fridays, when Paul usually has to be out the door by 7:30 for band.  It was raining when we awoke, but the storm has lifted now and the fall leaves are very pretty against the rain. 

Yesterday was a beautiful day, which was great since the school had a ground breading ceremony for its new Arts & Athletics building.  I guess I should say "bubble," since it will be an air supported structure and not a true building.   When I came into school I saw these six shovels all decorated for the ceremony with emblems of the school's motto, Faith, Arts, and Knowledge, and symbols of the activities of the new bubble, sports, drama, and music.  I thought they looked pretty cool and was impressed to later find out that students had painted them. 

Outside, the perimeter of the structure had been surveyed and marked.

There was a ceremony, with remarks from school administrators, speeches from local politicians, songs, and prayers, but the main event was when everyone spread around the perimeter and ceremoniously dug into the ground to officially start the construction.  

For some reason, neither Paul nor I got the word that we should bring spoons, but no matter, Paul improvised with a plastic fork, and I was busy taking photographs of the fun. 

Today's list calls for getting Paul to a friend's house to work on a group project for school, getting his flute to the repairman,  putting out a few Halloween decorations, and getting up to the driving range to practice my swing before my golf lesson on Sunday.  A day off is sure nice!

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