Sunday, October 21, 2012

Autumn Colors

We're enjoying crisp mornings, warm afternoons, and cool evenings,  perfect for admiring the amazing fall colors that have suddenly appeared.   

The house is looking more autumnal, with Halloween lights up outside and a few decorations inside.

It was a beautiful night last night, warm enough to be outside under the exciting dramatic skies.   

The big maples around the house have started dropping their leaves and Paul and I raked some into a big pile next to his swing.  I was glad to see that Paul hasn't gotten too old to enjoy one of his favorite fall activities, swinging into a leaf pile over and over until it is reduced to nothing.  

While we enjoyed our weekend at home, it seemed like our thoughts were often far away.  Not only were we planning several trips --the first to New York City next month ---but our discussions about moving to Colorado grew more serious.  It's just possible that we may not be here to enjoy many more Maryland autumns, a thought which heightened my awareness of the beauty of this one.

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