Sunday, October 28, 2012

Before the Storm

Before the storm I went out to take pictures of the autumn leaves in the pond.  I was quite struck with the contrast of the dark water and the colorful leaves...

...and the angularity of the Pickerel stems and leaves.  

My reverie was broken by the approach of Paul and his friend Alex, who were sneaking up on Alex's brother, Tommy.

The annual Halloween Nerf Gun Battle was in progress! 

Tommy was doing a great job of holding off the invading army.


It appeared that Paul was surrendering.

But  no, it was just a diversion as Alex moved in.

The racquet was a new weapon this year.  I'm told it is a shield.

There's no school tomorrow and probably not on Tuesday either, so I was glad that the boys were outside while they still had the chance.  It's going to be cozy few days.

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