Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's Going to Rain!

It's going to rain and be very windy in the next few days as "Frankenstorm," otherwise known as hurricane Sandy, blows through the area. We are assured by the local governments and the news media that this is "the storm of the generation," being a major wind storm lasting for days and practically guaranteed to result in long term power outages.  We are all encouraged to spend the day preparing.

It's now 11:00 a.m. and our storm preparations seem to be limited to doing some leaf blowing.  In theory this is so we don't have layers of wet leaves hanging around all week, but in reality it's because Paul has such fun using the leaf blower.  We also made plans for a fun evening with Ben's brother, John, and his family.  The kids are being dropped off at the "open gym" so they get plenty of exercise before being confined to the house during the 2-3 day storm, and the adults are heading out to a nice dinner for the same reason.   (Now that I think of it, our storm preparation needs to include buying some more wine to carry us through the duration.)

During the five days we didn't have power last July we bought a generator that at least keeps the Internet running (the most important thing!), we have some wood for the fireplace and plenty of quilts to snuggle up in, five big battery operated lanterns (six until Ben generously lent one to a friend who had none), and at least one car full of gas.  So we might survive, unless a tree crashes down on us, which I can't do anything to prepare for.

We have no plans to go to the store, which we hear from friends are full of crazed people who suddenly realize they need batteries.  Or maybe wine?

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