Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Paul has started his Christmas wish list.  I love that the very first item is snow! 

I'm not loving that the second item is a real bow and arrow set and a target.  Paul has really enjoyed archery when he's done it at camp and at school, but there are trained adults there monitoring the scene for safety.  Ben and I aren't so sure that either we or Paul are ready for the responsibility of having a weapon around that can seriously hurt people if it's misused.  We'll see....

He's been lobbying for an iPhone 4S (and now a  5!) for a few months now.  He has a phone to use when he's away from us, as well as an iTouch and an iPod, so we feel that he should earn the luxury of having a snazzy iPhone by, say, reading a certain number of books.  Perhaps it's time to write a contract; he gets an iPhone IF he does such and such. 

Gift cards, money, and BB guns are okay, but where did the MacBook Pro idea come from?  Oh, well, it is a wish list, after all.  You can always wish!  

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