Friday, April 12, 2013


It's been a busy week and I'm so glad that it's Friday! 

 It was hot most of the week, with highs in the 80's and 90's.  It was a bit too warm for early April, drying out the daffodils and making everyone scramble for sandals and lightweight clothes to wear to work.  It was so hot that I didn't sleep well on Monday night, so Tuesday night we turned on the air conditioner.  I think that's the earliest we've ever had it on.  Last night a rain came, bringing cooler temperatures for the weekend.

The warm weather encouraged the fish to come out of their caves in the pond, and we were pleased to see that Bubba, Jacqueline, and a smaller white and orange Koi, either Daffy or Jeremiah, had survived the winter. As I walked by the pond yesterday I startled a large bullfrog who hopped into the water with a very big "plop."  When I told Paul, he showed me a tree frog that is living in a little knot in the trunk of the maple nearest the pond.  

At work the focus was finishing the school's yearbook by the fast-approaching April 15th deadline.  Two of us work together to get the yearbook done, and I'm so glad I have a team mate to commiserate with as we watch the countdown diminish on the opening page of the yearbook web site every day when we sign on.  

In the middle of that push, the library hosted the annual Book Buddy party to honor students who voluntarily gave up several recesses to read to the preschoolers.  I've done this party for several years now with the very capable help of Rhonda, the library aide, so it wasn't too much trouble, especially since she did all the shopping and decorating! Still, it was a distraction from the yearbook.

Speaking of decorating, since it is National Poetry Month I had the idea of doing a display that encourages students to create poems using words from a Magnetic Poetry.  I got a kit from Amazon (in just one day using Amazon Prime!) and Rhonda ran with the idea, creating a colorful and enticing board that works well with our display of poetry books. 

I'm always thankful that I work with Rhonda, but I was especially glad this week because on top of the yearbook deadline I also had to get a  craft project organized for my advisory group.  The school is celebrating its 50th anniversary next year and students are making items to be included in a silent auction.  My group is doing a small quilted wall hanging and twe kids used Pentel fabric crayons to draw images relating to the Chesapeake bay on the squares that will make up the quilt.   Getting ready for this took a fair amount of prep work on my part and help from a couple of parent volunteers.   I was a bit worried, but it all went very smoothly and was actually fun.   I hope the next few steps of the project go as easily.  

So now it's Friday and I'm going to relax with a glass of wine and sleep late tomorrow.  TGIF! 

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