Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Moment in the Garden

I've been off the past two days of work doing fun things like lunching with Ben,  having coffee with a friend, and meeting old colleagues from the Library of Congress.  I've also been doing some not-so-fun things like sorting out school problems and I've been gearing up to help chaperon the school's twelve-hour field trip to Hershey amusement park tomorrow.

The iris by the pond is blooming beautifully, demanding attention whenever I go in and out of the house and providing a reason for a refreshing moment of pause in my busy comings and goings.  This evening it beckoned me out into the yard and I ended up planting the creeping thyme and basil I bought last weekend.   I worked only for about fifteen minutes, but the time alone puttering about outside was quite enjoyable.  

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