Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Paul left to visit his chums Bryan and Robbie up in Pennsylvania on Friday so Ben and I have been busy getting chores done and having fun while he is away.  We finished watching Les Miserables on iTunes.  The first thirty minutes or so were great, but after Anne Hathaway's great scene, it was all down hill, reminding us of one reviewer's comment, "I dreamed a dream it would be better."  

Yesterday we went to downtown to the Folger Theater to see Twelfth Night, which was quite interesting.  This production was set in 1915 and included quite a lot of period music and dance;  I'd be interested in seeing a more traditional production for comparison.  

We went to the matinee, and before the show we walked around Capitol Hill and admired the houses and gardens. Afterwards, we went to the newly renovated Hawk & Dove tavern to see how it had changed since the old days when we used to go there together for lunch. 

Today I'm going to quilt the quilt my advisory group is making for the school's 50th anniversary auction.   Mind you, I didn't say "start quilting," I said "quilt" meaning that I will finish quilting it today.  I basted it together yesterday, so it's ready to go.  My goal is to have it quilted and the first step of the binding done by the time I get back to school on Tuesday.  The kids will then help finish the binding and Presto! we will be done.

Another job for today is putting up a new swing.  The rope on Paul's swing has frayed from constantly rubbing on the branch below it.

Ben and Paul cut down the offending branch the other day, Ben bought some new rope, and now he has to climb up in that big tree and switch out the ropes.  We'd liked to get this done before our family picnic tomorrow. Ben's father is in town this weekend and there is an adult dinner tonight and a get together over here tomorrow after we pick up Paul from Pennsylvania.

So we have a lot of work to do!  

Meanwhile, I'm distracted from these chores by The Hero and the Crown, one of the school's summer reading offerings that I haven't read before...

...and ABC's television series, Nashville, which I downloaded from iTunes and am enjoying very much.   

Well, I see that Ben is about to climb the tree, so I'd better go out and see what I can do to help.  

Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend!

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