Sunday, May 19, 2013

Countdown to Summer

It's a week until Memorial Day, the official opening of summer in these parts, with many people heading to their beach houses and sailboats. 

There are only seven more full days of school and three half days until school is out, which is when summer begins for Paul. 

Our vacation in Italy and Switzerland begins in just three weeks, and we were get back it will be mid-June, which is definitely summer.  

But for me summer began yesterday, with the cleaning of the screened porch.  It took most of the day to wash off all the pollen from the screens, floors, and furniture, clear out the fireplace wood we had stored there over the winter, and to scrub off the siding, but in the end the porch was clean and ready for use.  Well, almost ready.  No sooner had I settled into the rocking chair in my favorite corner with the cross breeze but the rung broke!  Thankfully clever Ben fixed it with a mending plate.  As I settled into the chair last night to read in the cool night air, I felt that summer had really begun!

The school's band program wrapped up for the year with a successful spring concert Tuesday night.  I helped line up kids to get on stage in the proper order and then patrolled the auditorium to monitor student behavior, so it was a long night.  Then after work Wednesday, there was an hour staff meeting, so I missed Paul's last flag football game, which ended in defeat  by the eight grade team and eliminating Paul's team from the championship playoff.  Very surprising, since the seventh grade had trounced them the week before.  But with no band rehearsal early Thursday morning and no championship game after school on Thursday, we all enjoyed some much needed time to relax.  

Our neighbors have a new puppy named Albert.  Paul is very welcome to go over and play with him, since a youngster is just what is needed to help socialize and exercise the pup.  I'm writing this at 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning sitting on the porch watching Paul run around with Albert while he chats with Lisa as she sits on her porch.  Enjoying Albert has led to some talk about getting a dog after we move to Colorado, to which we give the well-known parental reply "We'll see."

The weekend has been cool and damp, just perfect for getting the porch ready for the season and watching movies with Paul.  We saw Spiderman at home via Amazon video yesterday and are heading out to the big screen theater this afternoon to see Ironman 3

It wasn't the best weather for the first day of our new local farmer's market, but it was enjoyable anyway.  An energetic Glenn Dale resident has organized a Saturday morning market in the field next to the old plantation house, Marietta, and I was eager to go out and support it.   I loved walking around and meeting people right in my neighborhood who were making and selling food, plants, pottery, and hand crafted soaps and lotions.     

How about some of these chocolate bars, made just a few miles from here? Yum.  

It's sure looking like it'll be a great summer!

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