Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Story Time Monday

Only one more Story Time Monday!  High time to read two new books, Candance Fleming and Eric Rohman's Oh, No! and Patrick McDonnell's Me...Jane.  

The first is a great read-aloud.  Tiger chases frog, who lands in a hole and can't get out...Oh, no!  Then mouse comes to help, but lands in the hole..Oh, no!  You get the idea....go through a few more animals until finally help does arrive.  As they climb out the tiger falls in...Oh, no!   Great fun for the reader to act out and even more fun for the kids to join in the chorus.

I particularly liked this page. It's not every day that I get to lick my teeth in front of a group of five- to six-year olds!

Me...Jane is the story of Jane Goodall's childhood dreams of being in Africa.  I think it would be a great lap book, meaning one that you read one-on-one to a child sitting in your lap.  (Oh, how I remember those days with Paul; so sweet.) The gentle illustrations and words really lend themselves to a more personal sharing than what Story Time affords.

Searching for images of Jane and the chimps that she studied, I came across this poster.  I really appreciated its hopeful reminder that to a great degree we each choose our own reality.

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