Monday, May 6, 2013


At the spring karate tournament Saturday Paul was awarded three first place trophies! One of his friends in a younger age group had won two, which was unusual enough, since it meant you had to place first in both forms and fighting.  When he saw Paul with three he asked "How did you get three first place trophies?" 

Here's how.  You go to karate class five out of the six days they are offered, and take a private lesson on the day the studio is closed.  

In forms you are very precise and fierce. 

In fighting you end up duking it out with your friend Marcellus in a close couple of fights,  finally winning by one hard-earned point.  

And in weapons you perform a well executed form with tongfas, beating out the one other competitor who showed with a bow.

In the end, you are exhausted but happy, the proud owner of three first place trophies!

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