Saturday, June 22, 2013


On our one day in Geneva, the last day of our vacation, we wanted to see the lake and go up a nearby funicular.

Ben got us to the funicular, which was a twenty minute bus ride out of town on the French side.  The border crossing was very uneventful; we just walked by the border patrol booth without anyone stopping us, which was a bit disappointing.  

The ride was steep and a bit scary but led to gorgeous views at the top of Geneva, the lake, and the surrounding countryside below. We spent a couple of hours up there and had a fabulous lunch at the restaurant, which was surprisingly gourmet.  

We all were thrilled when two fellows jumped off the side!

Back in the city we shopped for chocolates, Swiss army knives and other gifts and then walked to the lake.  Geneva is a beautiful city, blessed with water and mountains.   

Eating outdoors is the thing to do during the summer, and we had a fun and very good last dinner at a plaza near our hotel.  It stays light here until about 10:00, so it was late when we got home. 

I'm typing this early Saturday morning before everyone is up getting ready for our 11:30 AM flight.  The windows are all open to catch the morning breeze and I can hear the birds chirping, which seems odd in a big city and all the way up here on the sixth floor.  From the window I can see the clouds over the mountains and if I stand up I can see the interesting rooftops of the city.   Geneva seems a very inviting place to live.  

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