Friday, June 21, 2013

To Geneva

Our train schedule yesterday was a tight one and we had way too much baggage, but we worked together like a well-oiled machine and had a pretty good day.

11:02 to 11:08 Pontresina to Samaden
 Such a short ride that we just sat in the bicycle car with our bags.

11:17 to 1:03 Samaden to Chur
 A scenic ride through the Alps.

1:09 to 2:43. Chur to Zurich
 Out of the Alps and into the countryside.

2:32 to 5:15. Zurich to Geneva
 We were worried about making this connection in the nine minutes that was scheduled. We got to the platform on time only to find that the train was fifteen minutes late. It was a double level train and our reserved seats turned out to be on the upper level so we had to drag our luggage up the steps; Argh!

About thirty minutes outside of Geneva all passengers had to leave the train due to a mechanical problem. Another argh! While we waited on the open platform for the next train it started to pour down raining.  At least we had a roof overhead.

Arriving in Geneva we had to find the taxi stand, which took a bit of doing.  It took two cabs to get us and our bags to the hotel and each one overcharged us.

By seven we were in our apartment at the Central Hotel in the historic area and just two blocks from the lake.  A nice end to a long day.

In the bicycle car with our luggage for a six minute ride.

Nice views from the train windows. 

A little mobile entertainment.

What to wear traveling: pants with pockets for holding the schedule, walking shoes, light t-shirt (the trains were hot!), money/passport belt (thank you, Rhonda!), backback (bought as a useful souvenir at the hotel in Pontresina), and Pacsafe purse.  One too many pieces of luggage holding cold weather clothes I didn't need.  The shopping bag holds a fused glass clock we bought in Bellagio.

Beautiful sunset in Geneva.  Too bad we are leaving tomorrow.

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